IT-Industry Development in Luhanska Oblast 2020-2021

IT-Nation Programme

IT-Nation Educational Program has been started from 1-st February for the people of Donetchyna and Luhanshchyna.

The goal of the program: to provide IT-education for all folks, starting from 15 years, who want to study it in our region. IT-education is implemented using 5 directions: Advanced Frontend Web Developer, Web Coder, Automation Software Tester (QA Engineer), Software Tester (QA Manual), Digital skills.

Educational Programme “IT nation” is the unique platform

Two IT-Cluster has been formed in Luhanska Oblast in two major cities.

IT-Cluster “Reactor” – the first IT-Cluster that made a consolidation and build a foundation of the IT-industry in Luhanshchyna. Lysychansk city is the cradle of IT-Cluster. The cluster has been established in Lysychansk city – officially founded on 04 August 2019.