Graduated Students

English Language – 88 hours

NameAcquired levelDate
Kyrylo UkrainskyiA1->A208.2021
Anastasiia PozdniakovaA1->A2+09.2021
Olga HrebenyukA2->B1+10.2021

Not passed 3 persons.

Android Development – 56 hours

NameAcquired LevelDate
Kyrylo UkrainskyiPre-Trainee->Pre-Junior08.2021
Anastasiia PozdniakovaZero->Pre-Trainee08.2021

HTML/CSS/Python/JS – HackerRank & CodeAcademy

8 hours passed & Final Project – Date: 11.2021

in conduction with our partner CodeClub Ukraine

Andrii Horbokon & Artem Ponomariov (TheEE145) – final project live preview and source code

Andrii Chepel – source code

Oleksandr Silchenko – source code