English For IT

IT-Cluster “Reactor” Luhanshchyna

It’s absolutely clear that we are advocating learning English. Why so? Well, first of all this has happened historically.

English – is actually first language which each programming should study.

So, leanring English is mandatory for all types of programming and already embedded into each course.

How salary level depends on English knowledge

We can see for the middle and senior developer it is skyrocketing.

It is a big deal for the junior devs, it’s clear that in the end programmer get money for programming not for English 🙂

Source: dou.ua

In our English For It the whole focus are concentrated in three aspects:

1. Vocabulary: IT terms and related words

  • general English
  • English for whole IT
  • English for your type of programming/direction in IT.

2. Grammar: speaking at work and about work correctly
3. Communication with Clients

Our teachers have experience in teaching IT-students. Together the evolve their specially developed. course syllabus.

English is multifaceted and diverse so it’s most efficient to study the certain layer which you need most. But you still need to study grammar and basics to dive next.

We will dived our students into tiny groups of 2-3 persons and we will practice English almost day and night 🙂 in order to get the best result.
Our programming courses already include English so you don’t have to pay for English separately.

Before we start, you should pass the online test (the results of passing does not actually a big deal), and then let us conduct an online-interview for 15-20 minutes so we can get information about your level and assign you to a certain group.

It can happen that someone has already had great English, in such a rare case we will simply deduct the correspondent amount or we will be concentrated more on learning specific IT-stuff so no one gets bored 🙂

UPD: Currently we provide an independent English course without IT as well. You may find information about prices here

Варто зазначити, що на даний момент ми не надаємо курсів англійській мові без IT-складової. Вони можуть з’явитися пізніше.
Тому пропонуємо вам записатися на один із наших IT-курсів та напрямків, а англійська мова вже буде у його складі.