Intro to Data Analytics and Data Science

IT-Cluster “Reactor” invited – Solomiya Branets – AI & Machine Learning Product Manager at Microsoft – to organize 2-day course “Intro to Data Analytics and Data Science” – mini-course which will help you to undestand basic Data Analytics & Data Science.

This mini-course includes perks like, personal story about speaker and her way in IT she will give her advice, where to move next and also will answer your questions.

The course will have theory and practice equally. Basic understaning of any programming language is welcome but not mandatory, though it will help to understand practical part, but we don’t require that for participation.

Who can attend:
– students, who thinks to choose specific occupation
– unemployed, who wants to retrain
– women/men in childcare leave, who wants to return to work
– war veterans, who wants to start their careers as a data scientist
– everyone else who is searching their fisrt job or a completely new occupation

Entry fee: free
Location: online (TODO attach a link)
Language: ukranian, presentation in English

Event datetime and duration
17.12 and 18.12
or 18.12 and 19.12
4-6 hours per day

Contents, so far:
Day 1:
– Intro: what is data analytis and data science
– SQL – structured query languages: theory and practice
– Data Visualization in Tableau: theory and practice
– What does “based on data” really mean
– My way into IT

Day 2:
– Intro: Data Science
– Linear and logistic regression: theory and practice
– Decision tree: theory and practice
– Where to move on
– Labor market trends in IT

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