Cisco DevNet exam preparation course announcement

hello everyone!

As an informal leader of IT-Cluster “reactor” I talk to quite a lot of people and I’ve recently had a meeting with the director of the Institute of Physics Mathematics and IT in Rubizhne city. with Mr. Hennadii Mohylnyi. We’ve already decided to try out DevNet course in some way (we still think about further details and possible cooperation way) So this is the course: It’s very interesting and broad course which includes 8 chapters such as : virtualizaion (VBox, vmware), linux essential, python + framework (flask if I am not mistaken), a lot of networking set up (emulator switch ) , Rest API (gmail example). json, yaml , python testing framework, a little bit SQL with solving security issues like injection and other security topics, docker, jenkins, git /git actions, automation theory A lot of interesting stuff, according to what I heard from Mr. Mohylnyi. The course requires team working (3-5 persons per team) It has some Labs What do you need to know. Actually you can start this without previous exp. (but it will be harder) Also it’s good to have CCNA or at least has some basic knowledge about it. Course requres 2-3-4-5 monthes depends on intensiveness and a studying pace of the group. Everyone who attend to this course will get a cisco account from cisco academy and will be associated with us, Mr Mohylnyi has correspondent right to create groups, and in case if this course is insterting , we can initiate a group creating so on and so forth. Also IPMIT has A+ technology infrastructure, from simple arduino/raspberry and 3D printer to computer servers with 16 terabytes of storage and 120 GB of RAM. Some topics of this course requires such powerfull equipment, you can not do chapter 5 on your personal computer so as you can see we have here an option. IPMIT has an official partner of cisco and has a license to study the Cisco’s DevNet associate course although IPMIT does not have a right to issue the cisco’s original certificate. So this course is absolutely good , with a little note that for certificate you need to pay cisco itself not us. We are still discussing price policy for this course, and later on we are going to publish our decision and everything is relared to start this course. If you are interested please write abount it to

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