“Generation Center – Hub” – is a new member in Lysychansk city

13.02.2021 – there will be opened a new HUB in Lysychansk city, based on the City Palace of Culture and Youth (municipal organization).

Our IT-Cluster “Reactor” now includes yet another member and we are glad to help and to do whatever in order to lead this Generation Center HUB to success.

We have dedicated one expert as an employee and one expert volunteer to help this HUB.

USAID «Democratic Governance in East of Ukraine» has also provided computers and other required harware with and trainer to help us to build the HUB, because the core of the HUB – are people.

The impact of the HUB is about hundreds of youngsters per year that decide to pick an IT sector as a future occupation, particularly, this HUB provides robotics and 3D-modeling courses.

More areas of IT are coming soon…

(Original link in ukrainian please translate with Facebook translator):


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