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Good news!

We are starting two online English learning groups (A1-B1)

We found and optimal amount of students and suitable price, because we have really great mentors with Native-English level knowledges, however the price is quite low.

This course includes conversational practice, grammar construction, business English, checking homework, and extra conversational English Clubs, alongside control tests. Also “soft skills” for IT-industry and we provide books online. This course will help to evolve your English significantly, of course if you have decent motivation and time for learning from your side.

The lessons are conducted in English and Ukrainian to help starter students to dive into the studying immediately. Everything is fun, positive , even if you usually feel yourself shy at lessons 🙂

Requrests, inquiries, wishes (about the courses and other questions)you may ask here in Telegram group https://t.me/joinchat/GeCohRduPsphHEwDGqfFjQ

to our facebook messenger, phone number or email

Thank you for reading till the very end 🙂

Right now we are suggesting you to pass free english test level https://www.ilsenglish.com/quickl…/test-your-english-level, and then participate in our free interview with one of our mentors, it lasts minutes. You may book an intervew here:https://docs.google.com/…/1b_K4NF1_fyw-etq…/viewform

Study English With Fun!

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