Information for Parents of the Students

First of all , our IT-community helps to develop the top-tech skills of our students.

We also work with kids, as we understand that the current iteration/generation in our region is not competitive due to various reasons, we have to admit that our actions are limited here now, though we are doing and will do our best to give a second/a third chance for the people who are from the lost generation (1990-2010).

Programming, robotics, engineering – that’s what your kids need to develop in order to fit 21-st century’s skills. Such activities provide mental shift and correspondent state of mind, that’s exactly what is required for the modern professions and businesses.

Any kid or any student no matter how old (s)he is, will be able to develop soft-skills, attention to detail, working in a team.

Such skills are a great foundation to create some new businesses, later on, to become more creative and gutsy and provide life-changing innovations, that very often adults can not think out.

We believe that our impact is really huge.

We teach kids and teenagers from 10-20. and also we’ve dedicated to teaching more junior groups for 6-10 years as well.

We provide a strategy and roadmap for the students however, it’s always up to him/her to decide what IT-occupation exactly is suitable for certain students thinking from the talent and fun point of view. Having fun is crucial for the educational process especially when it comes to teaching younger people. Of course, there are a lot of directions to go.

The result of our education is something observable, something that you can almost touch, our goal is to become a better educational institution available here, in our region.

Burning an interest and diverting the student’s energy to channel in the right way that’s another important goal, as modern kids are tended to put a lot of their time into external stimuli however it’s always better to invest in your own education and we believe that every parent probably must remind this for his kid or at least should not be unconcerned about the future of his kid. And every student should better understand this up front.

Good luck!