About us

Our mission is simple and it’s fixed in our law: respect ducks, love Jesus, keep potatoes on a balcony. 

(с) Pytiatyn Band

IT-Cluster “Reactor” – private initiative of the IT-experts mostly from Luhanska Oblast (included but not limited) who strives to develop an IT-community.

We believe that 30 km from “Contact Line” and the military zone is not doom, rather an opportunity.

IT-Cluster includes very ambitious and proactive young people who are going to improve the industry and create a social boost.

IT-Cluster “Reactor” is an institution which is going to be legilized, but the most important that IT-experts understand why we need the Cluster.

We are not affiliated with any charity or international grants program or any organization like that. We do not waste, for example, USAID funds because we believe that we should earn money not “skeegling” (from Ukrainian “whining”) it.

Our Contacts:


Anastasiia Pozdniakova


93105, Lysychansk city, 20 Ukrainska street, cabinet 19

Easy to find, quick to reach, impossible to get lost.