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Our god-blessed IT-EduHub “Reactor” suggests you several educational programs:


Our lessons are conducted 2-3 per week. What is duration of the course? Well, it depends, but generally – 4 months. During 4 months we help to comprehend what the heck is programming.

Noone never can guarantee an excellent result in such a short term, meaning that you will be immediately employed , especially if you came with zero or nearly zero level.

If you are zero, you will become a one, it sound not very inspiring but successfull passing all our lessons in certain faculty is a great achievement itself. We will guarantee a strong handshake for those who succeed for free (as soon as the quarantine will be canceled)! 🙂

Our lessons are conducted as an online meeting in zoom rather as a practical lessons and/or question-answer format than regular lectures.

The group size is 4 persons max for English or other groups.

The reason to provide approximately similar level students in the same group. Each course and groupd is started as soon as the required number of students are enrolled. Before the beginning of the course there will be a meeting where we will provide detailed instructions

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What is programming?

We can not actually teach programming, it’s nearly impossible to teach programming, each time when we write “teach” it does mean that we help you to grave programming, not understanding programming instead of you, no one can jump into your brain and rearrange things there you must work hard, work a lot, to become proficient at learning programming. In either case learning programming in the way that you except everything will be put while you are lying on the sofa – that’s nearly impossible 🙂

Though there is no restrictions about trying yourself at something new, particularly in programming, everyone can try here, with us. However learning programming is the most efficient when you are motivated and also it is pleasure for you

Programming is intellectual activity and the end result of the programming is a software product which changes the world or at least brings profit to you and your company. Either way it’s very challenging task!

All the course materials are for deep understanding, it’s not a novel, you can’t just read it and that’s all, you actually need to try everything in practice so you get some practical skills, you should “play” with code, modify it, revert it back and forth, try a new code only in this case you can succeed.

An importance of English language

Fortunately or unfortunately, there can’t be an IT education without english language. Because the programming languages are looks like regular languages, we definitely need to know English. Of course you can learn programming in your native language (if it’s not English) but that’s not very efficient for the reason we stated above. We aren’t going to convince and persuade you just want to remind you that English-language market is more generours and richer that other. However that does not mean that we should not evolve our own domestic IT-market.

So you may study English with one of our cool mentors who uses their own methodology and program of teaching English For IT. When we say English For IT – it does not mean that we ignore general English, English 4 IT is just a superset of Regular English so we can help you with your IT-direction and also with “soft skills” so you can talk to your international partners more confidently.

More about English For It – here

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