IT-Cluster – Luhanshchyna

Dear Visitor!

IT-Cluster “Reactor “Luhanshchyna is the first and we believe the best IT-Cluster in Luhanska Oblast, the east of Ukraine.

We have great mentors and a world-class software engineers.

Our key goal is the quaility no matter what we do.

There is an IT Proficiency Academy, we can’t trust another educational entity, because the only way to gather high-quality engineer is to control the whole process on our own site. That’s our reality. We think positive. So it gives us ultimate control of where we are.

Our Geography

The population of the Ukrainian GCA(government-controlled areas) of Luhanska Oblast is nearly 700 000 people. The IT-industry was not represented here before or its presence was minor.

Basic Geography:

  • Lysychansk-Severodonetsk-Rubizhne-Kreminna etc. (~400 thousand people) – the biggest cities in the GCA
  • The North part and the rest of Luhanska Oblast (~300 thousand people)

Our Goals

Create a specialized IT-academy.

Promote job creation.

Help in the formation of so-called “middle class”.

Investment attraction (+ $4 million per year)

The Conscience of a Hacker 

We support the IT activities and projects in the Luhansk region.
Join the best people here and the incredible IT community of the Luhansk region, the most underrated region of Ukraine. Let’s evolve an IT space together!

We are honest, hardworking, independent, principled in other words definitely the professionals whom it’s worthy to work with.

It does not matter whether you want to study or teach, become an employee or create a brand new IT or tech business, whether you are a local or a global businessman, everyone can join if (s)he feels that our mission is something that you put your sign under.

You may contribute to the development of the IT-Cluster by developing your own company and cooperating with us. It’s up to you want do you want to achieve, the most important that we are on the same page, and you are in the right place at the right time ✌️

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